AMBA CEU Pre-Approval


The American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) grants prior approval for continuing education programs based on the relevance of the content to the medical billing, coding and reimbursement.


In order to retain the CMRS credential, billers are required to obtain 15 annual continuing education units of which 50% must come from AMBA effective Jan 1, 2008. Participation with continuing education billing, reimbursement and coding seminars, workshops, and publications are approved methods of obtaining continuing education units.


The purpose of granting prior approval is:


1. Vendor may receive advance prior approval.

2. More CEUs awarded than non-prior approved.

3. Products/Services will be included on the AMBA website and marketed to CMRS billers.


Requirements for Prior Approval


1. Prior approval is requested by submitting the AMBA CEU Program Pre-Approval form.

The required application fee, program agenda and times must accompany the form. The form must be submitted to AMBA 30 days before the program date. The form is located below.

2. A single application will cover the same program offered at different sites on different dates for a 12-month period, beginning with the date of the application. Each program requires a separate prior approval application and fee.

3. Credit hours are awarded for education program time based on 50 minute periods and will be rounded up or down to the nearest ½ hour. For instance, 45 minutes will be rounded up to 1 hour.

 4. Only program content applicable to billing professionals are eligible for CEUs. CEU credit hours are awarded for the educational portion of the program only. Registration, breaks, tours, and other non-educational activities are not eligible for CEUs.

5. Pre-approved courses may use the AMBA Pre-approved CEU logo. It must contain the following wording along with the logo:


 “This program has been pre-approved  by the American Medical Billing Association for ________ continuing education units.  Granting of prior approval in no way constitutes endorsement by AMBA  of the program content or the program sponsor.”


Instructions for Applying


1. Complete prior approval application.

2. Submit a copy of your publication or program agenda including brief summary of what is being covered as well as time allotted for class time, breaks and lunch.

3. Annual application fee of $200 for each program.


Questions about this process should be addressed to Larry Weston at or by  calling (580) 369-2700.






AMBA CEU Program Pre-Approval Form


Today’s Date________________


Please check:  o  Publication   o  Seminar/Workshop  o  Newsletter  o  Other  


Sponsoring Organization: _______________________________________________________


Title of program/product/newsletter: ______________________________________________


Length of training in hours (do not include breaks or lunch): _________________________


Length of publication: __________________________________________________________


Contact person at your organization for ordering your program/product/newsletter:


Name and Title: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ________________________________________State: _______Zip Code: _____________

Phone: _________________Fax: __________________E-mail:__________________________


Program Presenter/writer:


Name and Title: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________State: _________Zip code: ________________

Phone: _______________Fax: _________________E-mail: _____________________________

Current CMRS   o Yes   o No


This seminar/publication devotes a majority of its emphasis to:


oBilling & Reimbursement   o Coding   o Other (If other, please explain why it should qualify for CEU credits)


CEUs requested: _____________(Generally, one CEU credit is given for every hour of instruction, up to six CEUs are given for publications [depending upon length and content]. Newsletter subscriptions are awarded one CEU per issue.)


Seminar: When will the seminar/workshop be offered: __________________________________


Where: _______________________________________________________________________


Newsletter: How often is your newsletter sent out: _____________________________________

Publication: How often is your publication updated: ____________________________________


Please include the following:


o Submit a copy of your publication or program agenda including brief summary of

topics being covered as well as time frame of class time, breaks and lunch.


o Annual application fee of $200 for each program


o Make check payable to AMBA  [Credit card applications can be faxed to (580) 369-2703


(Please note that until the above has been received, your application will not be processed)


Mail  to:


American Medical Billing Association

2465 E. Main

Davis, OK 73030

Phone: 580 369-2700

Fax: 580 369-2703




Should your application not be approved, you will receive a written explanation along with your un-cashed check. Credit card applications will only be processed upon approval.


We reserve the right to approve or not approve applications as we deem appropriate.



2465 E. Main

Davis, OK 73030

580 369-2700